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Welcome to Diamond Records Wiki!

The English and unofficial Wiki of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records Reversal

About this site

This wiki is yet under progress as the game has entered Reversal and we are looking for editors.

If you want to join the community check our Discord-Logo+Wordmark-Color.png

If you're looking for general information and a quick overview of the game, wish to learn the core mechanics, check the DR Wikia page.

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Latest Additions

(6★) Leaky-Eye Luca (Fighting Spirit) icon.png
(6★) Prosciutto (Unity) icon.png
(6★) DIO ~ There is no Escape! ~ (Fighting Spirit) icon.png
(6★) Narancia Ghirga (Fighting Spirit) icon.png
(6★) Pannacotta Fugo (Solitary) icon.png
(6★) Guido Mista (Courage) icon.png
(6★) Leone Abbacchio (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Bruno Bucciarati (Unity) icon.png
(6★) Giorno Giovanna (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Jotaro Kujo (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Rohan Kishibe (Unity) icon.png
(3★) Telence T. D'Arby (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) DIO ~ My hands have already striked!! ~ (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Pet Shop (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Hol Horse (Unity) icon.png
(6★) Akira Otoishi (Solitary) icon.png
(5★) Tarkus (Solitary) icon.png
(4★) Tonio Trussardi (Unity) icon.png
(6★) Koichi Hirose (Solitary) icon.png
(6★) Yukako Yamagishi (Courage) icon.png
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