Labyrinth of the Spirit

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What is Labyrinth of the Spirit?

Labyrinth of the Spirit is a mode in which you clear random quests continuously.

There is a hierarchy in the labyrinth, and it will become possible to acquire better rewards as you go through the hierarchy.

In the Labyrinth Quest Battle, if you defeat or retire, you will lose Souls.

If you lose all souls, rewards earned up to this point will be lost.

If you feel like you're about to lose, escape the labyrinth and take the rewards.

※ The content of labyrinths and rewards are subject to improvement and change in future.

Selection of Labyrinth

You can choose a labyrinth to challenge.

Since the total number of hierarchies and the degree of difficulty are displayed in the labyrinth, consider before challenging.

You can only challenge one labyrinth at a time.

The current hierarchy is displayed in the maze challenging menu.

After escaping the labyrinth, you can re-enter.

Dungeon home.png

(1) Labyrinth Information

The labyrinth's name and difficulty level are displayed.

If there is a labyrinth currently being searched, it is displayed which hierarchy is in progress.

The maximum hierarchy level / total labyrinth level hierarchy is displayed in the hierarchy number.

(2) Challenge! Button

You can enter the labyrinth you are currently selecting.

(3) Compensation confirmation button

You can check the list of remunerations that you can earn in the selected labyrinth.

Dungeon reward.png

Each compensation enters the labyrinth and clears the designated hierarchy, giving you the right to earn the reward.

You can actually earn rewards that have become "achieved" by clearing all labyrinths or by "escaping".

※ If you retire in labyrinth and soul count reaches 0, you will not receive rewards.

Select hierarchy room (Quest)

We will select the room (Quest) that appears in the labyrinth and explore.

When you select each room, information on consuming mentality and enemies that appear is displayed.

You can enter the selected room from the "Attack!" Button and perform a quest battle.

If you clear one room you can proceed to the next level and a new room will appear.

Dungeon quest.png

(1) Soul

It represents the number of times you can retire during labyrinth search.

Soul will recover up to three by escaping from the labyrinth.

(2) Mentality

In search of labyrinths, we will proceed with consumption of mentality.

Mentality is displayed as "current value / maximum value".

Mentality recovers a certain amount every day at 4:00 (JST).

It does not recover beyond the maximum value.

※ Time and amount of recovery may be changed.

(3) List of rooms

The room (quest) in this hierarchy is displayed.

(4) Room Information

Information on the selected room is displayed.

You can check the rewards that you can receive and the enemies that appear.

(5) Remuneration confirmation button

You can check the list of rewards you can earn in the current labyrinth.

(6) Escape button

You can stop exploring the labyrinth and escape.

When escaping, you can earn breakthrough reward to that extent.

※ If there is no reward that can be earned, no remuneration will be displayed.

(7) Team formation

You can switch teams before confirming.

In Labyrinth of the Spirit, you can use the default teams you've organized already.

(8) Sortie! button

You can enter the selected room (quest).

Once you make a sortie, you can not come back until you clear the room or retire.

※ Time limit is set for each room, and it will be retired even if it can not be cleared within time.

Tarot Card Selection

You can only receive one Tarot card's benefit before exploring the room.

There are 22 tarot cards, the effects each occurring are different.

Depending on the direction, Tarot cards have beneficial effects and disadvantageous effects.

By pressing the "Tarot Reversal" button you can change the orientation of the Tarot by consuming mentality,

You can produce the opposite effect from the displayed effect.

Tarot cards that you use once are used and you can not use the same effect in the next room.

※ When all 22 tarot cards are used up, they can be reset again and use.


(1) Tarot Card

Three tarot cards randomly selected are arranged.

Touching the tarot card will make a decision and the effect will continue to occur in the next room.

(2) Tarot card effect

An explanation of the effect of each tarot card is displayed.

(3) Reverse button

You can flip the displayed tarot cards at once.

By inverting it you can activate the opposite effect to the effect being displayed.

Inversion of tarot cards consumes a certain amount of mentality.

(4) Used tarot card

"Used Tarot cards" used in the previous exploration are listed.

If you use all 22 tarot cards, all cards will be collected and redeemed as cards that can be selected again

※ The card will be reset even if you escape from the labyrinth or when Soul goes away and the search fails.

Tarot Cards Explained