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Info about the new Battle Mode: Tactical Battle.

Tactical Parameters[edit]

There are some Parameters, uniques for each Statue, that play an important role on the Tactical Battle:


Speed determines in which orden ally statues and enemy statues play their turns. Greater speed gives you advantage over enemies who are slow, making you go first and giving you the opportunity to defeat them before they can even act. Certain statues are fast enough that can take two turns before the enemy acts, such as most new part 5 statues; others can use their kit of skills to make several attacks on chain thanks to moves with Small Arrows and Big Arrows; and others can buff your team with speed buffs letting all your team have more turns to defeat your enemies, such as Leone Abbacchio which can give a speed buff to all your active members.


Evasion determines how likely is a statue to dodge an incoming attack, which in turns makes you take only 1/4 of the original damage.


Contrary to Evasion; this parameter determines whether your attack hits or misses.


If an attack hits, it can also be a critical hit, making the attack dealt 1.5 times of the original one.


Every attack given to any statue has a type of attack asociated to it and to counter this every statue has a high resistance to certain attacks and bad resistance against others. For example, DIO ~ There is no Escape! ~ has a high resistance against Stand Attacks, but a poor resistance against Hamon based attacks, so it would be a great idea to take some Hamon Users with you when you are trying to defeat him.

Battle Terms[edit]

This is a explanation of some terms that will be used during Battle:


Abbreviated as CT.

The number of turns you have to wait before the Skill can be used.


A reserve Statue. The reserve Statue changes with the Statue who's turn is now.

The Statue who enters the reserve and whose model isn't on the field is called a 'Reserve Member'.


Depending on the Statue's Speed and Skill's Weight, it's possible that you and your ally start a succession of actions.

When the conditions are fulfilled, the next actions' efficacy will be magnified, such as the Damage or the Recovery being increased.

That state is called 'Chain'.


If you manage to finish the last Area in Reversal Mode, the remaining Reversal Mode turns will be continued as Attack Actions until they are consumed.

That state is called 'Overkill'.

Damage Rank[edit]

Abbreviated as DR.

The Skills' degree of efficacy.

If you increase the Damage Rank, the Skill's efficacy will be rised.

If you add Minds which have effects that increase the Damage Rank, effects such as dealing damage to enemies and increasing the healing is possible.

Skill Level[edit]

Abbreviated as SL.

The Skills' degree of speed use.

If you increase the Skill Level, the speed for using it again will increase.

You can increase the Skill Level on the Tree of the Statue.

Battle Screen Explanation[edit]

Tactical Battle Screen.png

① Normal Attack Button[edit]

By pressing this button, the Statue will do a normal attack.


When a Skill button is pushed, various special techniques are activated for each character.

By pressing the Skill button, you can check the next action after using the Skill.

For the specifics of the Skill Button, check the 'Skill Button Explanation' section down below.

② Skill Button[edit]

Pressing this button activates a characteristic Skill for each character.

③ Mind Skill Button[edit]

By equipping a Skill Mind, additional Skill buttons will appear in this part.

Press it to activate your Mind Skill.

④ SP Skill Button[edit]

Pressing this button activates a characteristic SP Skill for each character.

⑤ Mind SP Skill Button[edit]

By equipping a SP Skill Mind, additional SP Skill buttons will appear in this part.

Press it to activate your Mind SP Skill.

⑥ Deadly SP Skill Button[edit]

Pressing this button activates a characteristic Deadly SP Skill for each character.

⑦ Assist Skill Button[edit]

Pressing this button activates the Assist Skill of the Assists character on the team.

⑧ Reversal Gauge[edit]

The Reversal Gauge will rise as you attack enemies and receive damage.

When the Gauge is full, you will activate 'Reversal Mode' is you press the button.

The number of turns of 'Reversal Mode' will be displayed.

⑨ Team Members Status[edit]

You can check the current status of the team members.

The HP bar and status change icons for each member are displayed.

⑩ Reserve Member[edit]

The member on Reserve that's currently not in battle.

⑪ Reserve Button[edit]

By pressing this button, you can replace the member of the turn with the Reserve Member.

⑫ Enemies' Type, HP Bar & Target[edit]

You can check the current number, Battle Type and current HP of the enemies on the Area.

The icon letter on them is used to distinguish them individually.

The Target Mark indicated the enemy who will be attacked on the turn.

You can change the Target by tapping on the enemy icon or the enemy himself.

⑬ Attack Order[edit]

The attacks are carried out in order from the right.

⑭ Attack Omen[edit]

Pay attention when a 'ドドド' effect appears on the enemy.

If the turn of an enemy with a !! comes, he'll deal various types of special attacks, such as powerful technique​s that bring 1 member to 0 HP or sealings (that seals you from carrying out an Action).

The number displayed on the enemy icon is the number of turns until !! comes.

⑮ Quest's Rate of Progression[edit]

Displays the progress rate of the quest.

⑯ Number of Items Acquired[edit]

Displays the number of items earned in battle.

The Items can be seen on the Pause Button.

⑰ Auto Mode Button[edit]

Turns Auto Mode ON and OFF.

⑱ Pause Button[edit]

Makes the Pause Windos appear.

In the Pause Window you can see the winning requirement, the Stage Missions and the Item you have earned in Battle.

Skill Button Explanation[edit]

Skill Button Explanation.png

① Use Limit[edit]

The number in the lower right of the Skill Button is a limit on how many times you can activate it within a Quest.

When there is no Use Limit, the Skill can be used all times you want.

② Big Right Arrow[edit]

If you activate a Skill with this Arrow, the next Attack Order will come quickly.

③ Small Right Arrow[edit]

If you activate a Skill with this Arrow, the next Attack Order may come early.

④ Coolturn[edit]

After using a Skill, you won't be able to use it again until the displayed turns have passed.

Type of Actions[edit]

Normal Attack[edit]

If you tap this button, the Statue will do a normal attack.


You can activate it if you press the Skill Button during battle.

More powerful than a Normal Attack, it can also give special effects to the Statue.

Although you can use the Skills all times you want, there's a Coolturn that prevents you from using them repeatedly.

SP Skill[edit]

You can activate it if you press the Skill Button during battle.

Even more powerful than a Skill, it can also give special effects to the Statue.

SP Skills' Coolturns are short, but there are Use Limits for them.

Member Change[edit]

Tap the Reserve Button to change the character.

Type of Skill Icons[edit]

Different effect Skills will be activated depending on icon type.

The blue icon represents the Skill, the Pink icon represents the SP Skill and Deadly SP Skill.

One Attack[edit]

One Attack.png SP One Attack.png

Attacks with a single hit an enemy.

Combo Attack[edit]

Blow Attack[edit]


Area Attack[edit]

Long Range Power[edit]

Area Long Range Power[edit]

Long Range Counter[edit]

One Attack Counter[edit]

Debuff Counter[edit]



Time Stop[edit]

The character who stops time will be able to use extra turns.



Area Debuff[edit]




Member Change[edit]

Auto Mode[edit]

Reversal Mode[edit]

Unique Skills[edit]

Characteristic Ability Effects[edit]

State Change by Skills[edit]