Yoshikage Kira (Kosaku Kawajiri)

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[Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable][edit]

Yoshikage Kira has changed his face and fingerprints with Aya Tsuji's Stand ability.

He is now living as Shinobu Kawajiri's husband and Hayato Kawajiri's father, Kosaku Kawajiri. Kosaku, who was a victim of Kira, was a very ordinary citizen, and Shinobu could be described as "bored".

Blending in his new life, after a certain incident which caused him to aquire the invincible ability 「Bites the Dust」, his appearance changed and he started to act more boldly.

In 「Killer Queen Bites the Dust」, everything that happened once will always happen due to "Fate", and everything destroyed will remain so.

List of Statues[edit]

(6★) Yoshikage Kira (Kosaku Kawajiri) (Fighting Spirit) icon.png
(5★) Yoshikage Kira (Kosaku Kawajiri) (Fighting Spirit) icon.png


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