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(6★) Leaky-Eye Luca (Fighting Spirit) icon.png
(6★) Prosciutto (Unity) icon.png
(6★) DIO ~ There is no Escape! ~ (Fighting Spirit) icon.png
(6★) Narancia Ghirga (Fighting Spirit) icon.png
(6★) Pannacotta Fugo (Solitary) icon.png
(6★) Guido Mista (Courage) icon.png
(6★) Leone Abbacchio (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Bruno Bucciarati (Unity) icon.png
(6★) Giorno Giovanna (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Jotaro Kujo (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Rohan Kishibe (Unity) icon.png
(3★) Telence T. D'Arby (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) DIO ~ My hands have already striked!! ~ (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Pet Shop (Tactical) icon.png
(6★) Hol Horse (Unity) icon.png
(6★) Akira Otoishi (Solitary) icon.png
(5★) Tarkus (Solitary) icon.png
(4★) Tonio Trussardi (Unity) icon.png
(6★) Koichi Hirose (Solitary) icon.png
(6★) Yukako Yamagishi (Courage) icon.png