(6★) Jotaro Kujo ~ I'll break it ~ (Courage)

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Jotaro Kujo ~ I'll break it ~
空条承太郎 ~たたっこわしてやるぜ~
(6★) Jotaro Kujo ~ I'll break it ~ (Courage) Statue
(6★) Jotaro Kujo ~ I'll break it ~ (Courage) Icon
Lv. 1 Stats
HP: 2,234 ATK: 1,643 DEF: 1,183
Lv. 99 Stats
HP: 22,338 ATK: 16,425 DEF: 11,826
MAX Stats
HP: 31,338 ATK: 30,825 DEF: 24,426
Tactical Parameters
Speed: 100 Evasion: 20
Accuracy: 100 Critical: 5
Hamon: C Vampires: C- Spirit Attacks: B
Awakenable: No Availability: Super Advent Release Date: 29/06/2018

MAX Lv. Leader Ability

The difference between watching and observing

Stand Users' ATK + 15%

Joestar Family's ATK + 15%

DoDoDo Charge: Efficiency + 25%


The difference between hearing and listening

Damage Dealt to Stand Users + 50%

Nº of Team Members Alive × ATK + 10%

When HP is halved, DEF + 50%


The Invincible Star Platinum

The ability to stop the time.

For 7 seconds, it allows you to freely move freely within stopped time.

Cooldown: TBA

Skill Mind

The rifle's bullet

Shoots a bullet forward and deals damage.

Cooldown: TBA

Special Skill

Give me a break, I made it in time...

The Stand stops the time and attacks the stopped enemies. If they are hit they will receive a serie of hits that will continue to damage them.

Gives the enemies a state change of unable to attack.

Uses: 3

Cooldown: TBA

Special Cinematic Skill

You're a pretty tough guy


Uses: 2

Cooldown: TBA

Special Skill Mind


The Stand stops time and instantaneously moves before the enemy, launching a blow that deals damage.

The enemies hit will be blown away.

Uses: 3

Cooldown: TBA

Assist Ability

Heart Heat Guard +++

Activation Condition: Courage Tactical Unity

15% of HP to DEF