(5★) Jotaro Kujo (Solitary)

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Jotaro Kujo
(5★) Jotaro Kujo (Solitary) Statue
(5★) Jotaro Kujo (Solitary) Icon
Lv. 1 Stats
HP: 1,285 ATK: 612 DEF: 581
Lv. 99 Stats
HP: 12,852 ATK: 6,120 DEF: 5,814
MAX Stats
HP: 26,652 ATK: 13,020 DEF: 10,014
Tactical Parameters
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Accuracy: {{{accuracy}}} Critical: {{{critical}}}
Hamon: {{{hamon}}} Vampires: {{{vampires}}}
Stands: {{{stands}}} Aging: {{{aging}}}
Awakenable: No Availability: Normal Release Date: 18/01/2018

MAX Lv. Leader Ability[edit]

Accuracy to grab bullets

ATK + 8%

[Major Arcana] Damage given + 15%

Damage received by the team's same statue type - 10%


Sharp eye

At half HP, DEF + 15%

Cooldown Reduction: Speed + 12%

Damage received from [Stand Users] - 10%


Star Finger

The stand stretches it's two fingers and hits the target. The enemies hit will be sent flying.

Skill Mind[edit]


The stand attack with a steel rod. Reaches fewer targets, but is faster than star finger.

Special Skill[edit]

Here's your receipt

Pull out a tremendous number of hits with the stand.

The last punch will blow away the hit enemies.

Special Cinematic Skill[edit]

The judge will be my STAND!

After a rush attack, the stand ends the cinematic throwing a strong punch at the target.

The enemies hit will be sent flying.

Special Skill Mind[edit]

Ora Ora Ora Ora!

The stand throws several punches from various directions.

The enemies hit will be sent flying.

I-Impossible! Y-You stopped time...?!

The ability to stop the time.

While time is stopped, you can move freely for a short period.

The higher the level the more time you'll be able to stop time.

Once attacks are launched in that period the enemies may move but that ill only happen if the blow as enough to kill them and the damage will only be done when time goes back to its flow

Assist Ability[edit]

Add Damage +

Requirement: Courage Tactical

Damage dealt + 5%