(4★) Messina (Unity)

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(4★) Messina (Unity) Statue
(4★) Messina (Unity) Icon
Lv. 1 Stats
HP: 714 ATK: 378 DEF: 525
Lv. 99 Stats
HP: 7,140 ATK: 3,780 DEF: 5,250
MAX Stats
HP: 11,140 ATK: 23,780 DEF: 7250
Tactical Parameters
Speed: {{{speed}}} Evasion: {{{evasion}}}
Accuracy: {{{accuracy}}} Critical: {{{critical}}}
Hamon: {{{hamon}}} Vampires: {{{vampires}}}
Stands: {{{stands}}} Aging: {{{aging}}}
Awakenable: No Availability: Normal Release Date: 11/12/2017


[Part 2: Battle Tendency]

Assist Skill[edit]

That's it!

Performs hamon attacks forward.

Raising the Skill level raises the damage.

Assist Ability[edit]

Breath Training

Activation Condition: Tactical Unity

When using a normal attack, 70% chance to gain a buff [Damage to Pillar Men + 30%] for 10 seconds.