(3★) Joseph Joestar (Tactical)

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Joseph Joestar
(3★) Joseph Joestar (Tactical) Statue
(3★) Joseph Joestar (Tactical) Icon
Lv. 1 Stats
HP: 428 ATK: 265 DEF: 277
Lv. 99 Stats
HP: 4,284 ATK: 2,646 DEF: 2,772
MAX Stats
HP: 6,084 ATK: 5,496 DEF: 5,772
Tactical Parameters
Speed: {{{speed}}} Evasion: {{{evasion}}}
Accuracy: {{{accuracy}}} Critical: {{{critical}}}
Hamon: {{{hamon}}} Vampires: {{{vampires}}}
Stands: {{{stands}}} Aging: {{{aging}}}
Awakenable: No Availability: Normal Release Date:

MAX Lv. Leader Ability[edit]

Hermit of the distant view

HP +6%

ATK +3%


Hamon Strike

Strike with your fist.

Deals Hamon damage.

Enemies hit will be sent flying.

Skill Mind[edit]


Special Skill[edit]

Only a Stand can defeat another Stand

Use your stand to bind enemies.

Enemies hit will then be knocked down.

Special Skill Mind[edit]


Assist Ability[edit]

Muscle body

Requirement: Courage Courage

Increase HP by 12% of ATK